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Thread: can earth really be hollow?

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    can earth really be hollow?

    can we explain this with the Physics, that despite all the current laws about rotation, axis, magnetic field, it might be the hollow? like the hollow earth theory says
    Take your blinders off...

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    can earth really be hollow?

    no, its already been proved with earthwakes primary and secoundry waves that there is a solid core and liquidy in the middle then solid outer layer, the earth is not hollow. there are a lot of theries out there and a lot of them are total rubish

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    can earth really be hollow?

    This seems inconceivable. For example:* We know (because of the strength of earth's gravity) that the earth's average density is greater than the density of the crust. It's hard to imagine where this extra density might come from if there's nothing down there.* There are no man-made or natural materials which are strong enough to prevent a hollow earth from collapsing under its own weight (its own self-gravity).* The speeds and paths of seismic (earthquake) waves through the earth are inconsistent with a hollow earth.* There is no known (or proposed!) natural mechanism that could form a hollow earth in the first place.

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    can earth really be hollow?

    No. This old (and silly) idea has been disproven in a thousand ways.

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    can earth really be hollow?

    nope, not a chance

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