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Thread: Has anyone heard of hollow earth?

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    Has anyone heard of hollow earth?

    In researching many different legends and folklore all around the world I became aware that every where has the same stories of people living under the ground. I was wondering who here has heard some of these and would be willing to share. This link is for a group that is going in search of the real opening into hollow earth. Check it out.http://www.voyagehollowearth.com/hollow_earth_trip_info.html

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    Has anyone heard of hollow earth?

    Sounds like bollocks!

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    Has anyone heard of hollow earth?

    Sounds like a load of crap ment to get money out of people if you ask me.Yah.... all you got to do is go and look at the information parts....It cost at the very least nearly 20,000$ to go with them... and here is a quote from the pageeposit/Booking requirements:25% deposit to book trip (non-refundable)20% June 200620% Dec. 200635% June 2007So some time before June 2006... all they got to do is just cop off and run iwth the non-refundable bit.

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    Has anyone heard of hollow earth?

    yeah I've heard of it but think its a load of old tosh. This website is usefull if you want more info - http://www.unmuseum.org/hollow.htm

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    Has anyone heard of hollow earth?

    Just because there are a lot of stories about the earth being hollow doesn't mean that any of them are true. Seismologists (scientists who study earthquakes and the interior of the earth via vibrations) would be able to tell if the earth was hollow. The legend probably goes back to the days when people lived in caves. As population pressure caused them to split up (repeatedly) they must have imagined a time when everybody lived in one cave, in the same cave. By that time, there were a lot more people, and a cave big enough for "everybody" would be as big as the whole world.If you want some good stories to read, bearing in mind that they are only fiction, Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan, also wrote stories about that. Enjoy!

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    Has anyone heard of hollow earth?

    Central Sun, a Land beneath the Point of Gravity, andvanced culture and spiritual enlightments -- it is a popular theory that is yet to be proven or disproven.

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    Has anyone heard of hollow earth?

    Nope. Can't say that I have.

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