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Thread: Is the Earth hollow? ( see details! )?

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    Is the Earth hollow? ( see details! )?

    some scientists say that Earth's and Moon's centre of gravity is closer to the moon, so the Earth ( thus being a bigger planet than the Moon) must be lighter than the Moon. The only way that could be is the Earth to be hollow! and the magma that we now think that comes from the Earth's core, realy comes from a point in the Earth's mantle.

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    Is the Earth hollow? ( see details! )?

    I have never heard this. Very interesting. But does the weight of something determine its gravity or also what it is made of?I am sure there are many other factors and the Earth being hollow seems quite unlikely.There could be a whole other universe inside us!

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    Is the Earth hollow? ( see details! )?


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    Is the Earth hollow? ( see details! )?

    It is not logical to think that the earth is hollow. But the enormous pressure at the earth's center may cause the rock to be in a state that we don't understand. It may be able to move and flow as a super dense liquid, or semi-solid gas of some sort. Gravity from an object in space is directly proportional to it's mass. The gravity on the moon is much less than the gravity on earth because the moon is smaller, and weighs less than the earth. The center of gravity between the earth and moon, would be closer to the moon because the moon has less gravitational pull the farther away from the surface you go while the strength of the earth's gravity is relatively strong.The "center" or region of space between the earth/moon system where the gravitational pull from both planets is equal, would be a far distance from the surface of the earth, and a closer distance to the surface of the moon. At this "center of gravity" the pull from the earth would equal the pull from the moon. If you pass the "center" in space, the pull from the moon becomes stronger on a spaceship while the spaceship feels less effect from the weaker pull of the earth.

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    Is the Earth hollow? ( see details! )?

    in fact it's right but the second part of your question that is the magma we see comes from the earth's mantel but the thing that you say is imposible that the earth is hollow if it were hollow then there wouldn't be any kind of north or south and finally the NASA denied it.

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    Is the Earth hollow? ( see details! )?

    Usually the depths of the earth have been tested seismiologically.They indicate a solid core of denser material. Note the density of the Earth is only reported as an average.However no one has ever thought ther could be a hollow spot.May be some lepricaons are down there. Or maybe that is where some people who are not so good go down there. You do have a very good point!

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    Is the Earth hollow? ( see details! )?

    well,for now there is no geological evidence that proves that the earth is hollow.

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