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Thread: A Hollow Earth Question?

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    A Hollow Earth Question?

    It is said that there is some type of opening around the northern pole area in which one would be able to travel into the hollow earth. Is that area, in the north pole, the only way to get in or are there other openings around the world?

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    A Hollow Earth Question?

    The earth isn't hollow. There are caves here and there but they don't connect all over the world. Physics of the natural materials would not allow the earth to be hollow; all rocks deform and bend over time when they are under pressure, so hollow spaces eventually close underground and even the caves we see will not last forever. There is an old cemetary near my house that has a stone vault shaped like a house with a roof. One of the stone slabs has bent over the hundred years it has been there so now it is very strongly curved.

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    A Hollow Earth Question?

    There is no hollow Earth and the supposed hole around the North Pole doesn't exist. Beneath Earth's crust is the mantle. It is composed of molten rock and is about 1800 miles thick. Below that is the molten metal outer core (1370 miles thick), then the solid metal inner core (780 mile in diameter). One could travel into some fairly deep caves, but you would still be in the crust.

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    A Hollow Earth Question?

    There was a book published several decades ago called "The hollow earth" that "proved" the earth was hollow with openings at each of the poles - I actually have a copy somewhere.This "theory" has as much merit as the "flat earth theory" - but you can see more at:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollow_Earth

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    A Hollow Earth Question?

    "It is said" in fiction, myths, and stories only.It is possible to penetrate a short distance into the Earth through natural cave systems or artificial bore holes.But the Earth is not hollow - the deeper you go the more intense the pressure and temperature. There are no hollow areas in the Earth.

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    A Hollow Earth Question?

    You can get in by climbing down a volcano in Iceland aka Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth".

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