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Thread: Magnetic Sphere, Hollow Earth?

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    Magnetic Sphere, Hollow Earth?

    As I watched my Grandson working to construct a sphere using one half inch sized magnets my mind went to a hollow earth. Could this be a model?

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    Magnetic Sphere, Hollow Earth?

    Yes, it could be a model of a hollow Earth.No, the Earth is not hollow..

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    Magnetic Sphere, Hollow Earth?

    If Earth were hollow, it would have been swallowed by the Sun in its infancy.

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    Magnetic Sphere, Hollow Earth?

    No, how the earth is able to generate and maintain a magnetosphere is through the rotation of molten rock about a solid core. It is closer to a dynamo than anything else.http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2003/29dec_magneticfield/http://www.es.ucsc.edu/~glatz/geodynamo.html

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