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Thread: Hollow Earth-Agartta ?

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    Hollow Earth-Agartta ?

    Well I'm curious to how many people believe in Hollow Earth And How many Disbelief...?It Is Interesting cause Theirs, So much people that say it exists online that All of em cant be lying Can they?Yeah I believe that this Government and any other would hide anything like this from us ...Supposedly world panic etc...So basically if it exist They wont report it on the news..I'm guessing Please Share Ur Thoughts

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    Hollow Earth-Agartta ?

    The earth was liquid many millions of years ago as it spun and slowly went solid the heavy elements settled toward the center. The center is full of mainly iron in a semi solid condition. The deeper you drill into the earth the hotter it gets. Sorry, no hollow earth, no living space, nowhere you could even survive.

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    Hollow Earth-Agartta ?

    Not possible. The planet core, if hollow, would simply collapse upon itself. And the world would shrink.

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