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Thread: Does anyone here believes in the Hollow Earth theory?

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    Does anyone here believes in the Hollow Earth theory?


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    Does anyone here believes in the Hollow Earth theory?

    I know that at one time the earth was thought to be flat. Then it was proven to be round (spheric). I believe everything in life is hollow even ourselves. Example a mother's womb, our digestive track. I use the same analogy to apply that the earth and other planets are hollow with a north pole entance, and south pole entrance. I know the present theory is that the earth is solid with a hot core. Can you tell me what you thinkl?I know that we have not gone deep enough into the earth's crust. We do not have the proper equipment. The furthest we have digged is about 8 to 12 miles deep.To clarify it more, convex and concave with two entrances one in North Pole and South Pole currently guarded by ice almost impennetrable. Skimo folklore describe a northern land full of greens , trees, birds etc. Think of it as an inflated balloon with a thick crust with entrances at both extremes, gravity on the center of the crust, and a central sun. This may explain the Aureola Australis and Borealis known as Southern and Northern Lights .

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    Does anyone here believes in the Hollow Earth theory?

    I think its solid with a hot core. That would probably be how volcanoes work. I don't know but haven't people dug really far into the earth and kept on getting rock and more rock?

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    Does anyone here believes in the Hollow Earth theory?

    What? That's just ridiculous. Your question makes no sense.There's no evidence for a "hollow earth", and there's plenty of evidence to support the current idea that we have of the earth's structure. If you wanna ignore that because a womb is hollow, it's your choice.What does the fact that our digestive track is hollow have to do with anything, either? It's a tube, of course it is. It'd be kinda hard for the food to pass through otherwise.

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    Does anyone here believes in the Hollow Earth theory?

    I don't believe in a hollow earth. Seismic wave analysis supports the current theory of layers of rock, some plastic, some pretty much liquid, surrounding a core of iron and nickel, with some other junk thrown in (a substantial portion of uranium and other mildly radioactive stuff to help keep things warm)... Were it hollow, the density of 'stuff' needed to yield the gravity field we live in would be tremendous, and would show up with seismic analysis.

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    Does anyone here believes in the Hollow Earth theory?

    If the earth was hollow seismic waves from earthquakes would not be able to travel through the earth... They do so the earth is "solid"... well more plastic with a liquid outer core and a solid inner core.

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    Does anyone here believes in the Hollow Earth theory?

    Of course not.I won't explain why not; other posters have done a fine job already. But consider these following questions: Why must your openings be at the pole? Why must there be exactly two of them? Couldn't there be three holes, two on the equator and one outside the door of your school library?Tell me more about your theory, though. Are your holes where the flying monkeys come from at night? And where your missing socks went to?And finally, the north pole is in the Arctic Ocean. Wouldn't that mean that the earth would fill up with cold water?

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