This guy is shocked at what happens!

Published on July 1, 2014
Many people are in a hurry and rush through their daily lives. In the midst of these people a homeless person, to which all run over, just normal. Or is it?

/ / Video statement and background of this clip:
Statement und Hintergründe zum Video "Three German Students surprise a homeless guy" - YouTube

"We could not believe how much of you have studied in the last few days with the subject of our short clips There was a great exchange with a lot of praise, but also critical voices who make a particular sore point.:

In May of this year, we accurately performed this action with more songs WITHOUT camera. We found the message of this action so well that we decided to turn it into a clip, the other is to encourage them to do the like.
Before filming we asked ourselves the following question: May one simply shoot a man in distress and into the net, without asking him, and to know its history? Our answer is quite clearly no, which is why we have asked an actor for help and advice, to take on this role.

Please looks at you this video statement, where we explain our rationale in more detail. If we have someone hurt or disappointed, it're very sorry. Of course that was not our intention, but the whole represents a symbolic food for thought, which is to let people go in it again.

We think it is absolutely serious about our club and collect for some weeks now Donate for future actions. Here, projects, clubs and needy persons are to be directly and strongly supported.

Some comments go, unfortunately, below the belt, which is very hurtful and discouraging for us. We still keep at it, because we believe in the cause."