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Thread: The woman who thinks like a cow

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    The woman who thinks like a cow

    This is really interesting i hope you enjoy it!

    "The amazing story of Dr. Temple Grandin's ability to read the animal mind, which has made her the most famous autistic woman on the planet." - BBC

    You know they are listening to you but they can't hear you.

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    Re: The woman who thinks like a cow

    I saw this lady on some show years ago. I'm not sure what show, I'm thinkin maybe 20/20 or something like that. I thought it was quite interesting. She had made a human version of a cow-crusher. It was really neat. It helped her to calm her anxiety. She said the device would help those with autism because for her and many other autistic people, the world around her is kind of a sensory overload and the device helps to soothe that.
    The truth IS out there! We just tend to look in all the wrong places.

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    Re: The woman who thinks like a cow

    Truly phenomenal! It really makes you wonder how and why autistic people think and act the way they do. They obviously have a higher purpose but are passed off as mentally 'ill'. It is possible that they are far superior to others on this planet that are considered to be 'normal' or 'average'. They're minds seem to be free of the emotional ties that we all generally have that keep us from seeing past many obstacles in this life we are currently living on this planet.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: The woman who thinks like a cow

    If they don't fit in the cookie cutter expectations of society then they are consider ill and should be cured....they were trying to cure homosexuality in the 80's, they stopped trying as far as I know....

    What ever autism is it will not be cured and its been on this earth since humans have been I will bet.
    Energy flows where attention goes...

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