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Well put guys, I couldn't say it better myself. Even movies have code hidden inside them. Whether it's with the objects lying around on the set or the words that the people are speaking themselves. There is a hidden code.
Oh, absolutely. Everything that we see on TV or in the movies or hear on the radio. Anything and everything produced by Hollywood and the music industry, so the whole entertainment industry, has hidden messages within. Most things will hit our subconscious and we don't even necessarily notice them. Well, that is to say, those that are not aware of these types of things will not notice them. I notice things all the time. Drives me crazy the amount of sexual content is embedded in EVERYTHING.

I like it when things are on the surface like in the lyrics of a song like this. Where the message can be clearly heard. It is within the video, which has little to nothing to do with the lyrics, that the symbolism of the entertainment industry is placed and is clouding our minds. The music in behind the message is also clouding us like I stated above, but the video is much much worse for that.

I agree with the statement in the poem, but I don't agree with what goes on in the video, it's not what the poem is about.