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Thread: 99% of this whole game called life. Overcoming fear is one of the keys!

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    99% of this whole game called life. Overcoming fear is one of the keys!

    When I was brand new and getting NO
    results and just learning to lay down my
    online foundation...

    ...an online millionaire shared this teaching with me...

    ...and it totally changed the game for me.

    I'm going to "pay it forward" by sharing
    it with you here in this message...

    Most people play "small ball" with
    their thinking and beliefs...

    And so... the world and LIFE itself
    plays small ball with them.

    Just how it works...

    Think "scared"...

    Think "small"...

    Think "fear" or "safe"...

    And life thinks the same of you.

    Isn't it amazing that as you
    meet really successful people...

    The "go-getters" in life...

    Isn't it just uncanny that basically
    ALL OF THEM are super optimistic
    people that focus on POSITIVE and
    "CAN DO" thoughts...?

    So they produce that in their conversations...

    You NEVER find them playing
    weak ball or spouting fear based
    ideas and concepts out of their mouths...


    Just listen...

    Show me a TOP PRODUCER
    in anything... and I can guarantee
    you that they speak and think POWER


    I meet so many people who say
    they want to be successful in their
    own biz... (who "SAY" but don't do)...

    And it's also funny (sad) that 100%
    of the time, as I listen to them justify
    their fear...

    They are mainly always focused
    on why something is not working,
    or can't work... or why something
    "is not for them" or "too hard" or
    "not as easy as they said..."

    You know how it goes... just listen...

    Pure focus on weakness
    Pure focus on fear
    Pure focus on lack and scarcity
    or little pity parties in their words.

    Let me help you with this...

    You'll need to learn how to coach
    people out of that self suicide thinking...

    You'll need to help them see how
    that kind of thinking and posting
    and speaking is like...

    ...shooting their business in the face!

    You have to help them before it's too late...

    Here's how you do it...

    Be SURE to be at all your events.


    Be SURE to be a product of your product.


    Be sure to be "ALL IN" and "SOLD OUT"
    to YOU... to your dream and to your

    And BE SURE to be IN LOVE
    with the fact that there WILL BE
    bumps and set backs on the road.

    Be THAT person.

    Become THAT person...

    And when people approach you with
    their self limiting beliefs, excuses and
    whiny stuff they use to try and get a
    "pass" at paying some dues and running
    a business...

    You will be armed with your story...

    Something like this...

    "You know Joe, I hear you man, I
    was there too... but you know what?"

    Joe: "What?"

    You: "Umm, will you give me permission
    to talk to you as a leader and not BS you?
    Can I have your permission to be real right
    now and coach you...?"

    Joe: "umm yeah sure..."

    You: "Look Joe, I was there too...
    I hesitated and focused on weak
    crap for so long... but then one day
    I was coached inside a long ass stupid
    email from this Franco dude... to overcome
    that... by not being a little whiny rookie..."

    "I decided to actually OWN my own
    business from that point and I SOLD OUT
    and went ALL IN..."

    "I became a product of my own product
    so nobody can throw that in my face
    and I took action every single day and
    you know what...?

    "THAT is powerful.. because then when
    someone else is having "whiny fear moments"
    I can now coach them on the best way
    to defeat them and focus on WINNING..."

    "And THAT is 99% of this whole game."

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    Re: 99% of this whole game called life. Overcoming fear is one of the keys!

    I have to try to remember not to think about lack.

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