I found this and wanted to share it:

Rule #1

The player must forget who they really are ( a player ) and believe they are something else instead. – at the extremes , for example that they are their body, or that they are their infinite I ( higher self)

Rule 2

The player must believe their holographic experiences are real and what they are perceiving with their 5 senses is actually happening out there. In some objective and independent reality.

Rule 3

The players must believe what they encounter out there has power over them. And the power to affect their lives.

Rule 4

The player must believe in the judgments of good and bad, right and wrong, better and worse, good and evil.

Rule 5

The players must believe there is something wrong with the reality they see out there and needs to be changed, fixed or improved.

Rule 6

The players must believe they have a power to create a different reality than what they are experiencing and therefore feel defective and deficient ( more limited) when they fail.

Rule 7

The player must believe they can think their way out of the first part of the human game by using their mind, or love their way out of it by using their heart.

Rule 8

They players must believe they can make something happen, and when they fail, blame themselves for not being smarter or better at working harder.

Rule 9

They players must believe there are goals to be reached or agendas to be satisfied, or lessons to be learned.

Rule 10

The players must believe they, and they alone, are responsible for meeting their own needs and wants for which they have to fight for.

Rule 11

Fear and resistance are the foundations of the first part of the human game and judgments and their resulting beliefs are the glue that keeps the illusion together.

Rule 12

These illusions must never break down, or the players will see through the game, and it would be over.