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Thread: Coping With Stress: 7 Steps In Learning to relax

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    Coping With Stress: 7 Steps In Learning to relax

    Coping With Stress: 7 Steps In Learning to relax
    Thursday, March 26, 2009

    1.Leer to relax by breathing. If you are stressed, you should relax. If you have more self confidence you can better relax. But if you learn to relax more, your confidence will grow. The important thing is to learn how best can breathe. I encourage everyone to breathe in different ways to learn. But conscious breathing can also very simple. Everyone breathes all day. You do only more aware of your breath.
    When I gave lessons to young ladies who were much more interested in boys than in my classes, sometimes I got headaches from the stress. I could easily solve that headache by deep breathing in and out and to me, to say: relax. After 5 minutes my headache was gone then. I think everybody exercise every day a few minutes should do. It is not difficult, you'll feel the benefits immediately and within two weeks you will be all more relaxed feel.
    2. Learning for doing nothing
    If you relax for a while breathing done you can expand. Ga sitting at a beautiful location. If the weather is nice, outside in the garden or on the balcony. Or just in your living room, TV.
    You start with relaxed breathing and after a few minutes you can just sit and do nothing. In the beginning there are all thoughts in your head, but that is normal. Say again the word relax to yourself. After a while your mind a little less stressed. And it's okay for a bit to think and dream. But stay down!
    3. Learn to take time for yourself
    If you are a busy time with you sometimes agree to do nothing, ga there just by them. It is very nice to sit dreams. Everybody knows this feeling of the holidays, but why would you not part of your daily life? On the other hand, the time is ripe to get some time to yourself to take to do something that you like. If you do not know what you would do: what did you think of when you were a child? Maybe you loved to read books, maybe did you paint or play a musical instrument. Take the time to do what you want. But if you do not want to do: sit and dream is all good.
    4.Leer to understand that when you relax more you actually will have more time. Now it is important that you realize that you have enough time for everything. Time is a strange thing. It's in your head. If you think you do not have enough time, you will learn that you always have too little time. But if you think that you have time, you will see that you even have time when everything has been done. At this time you will discover that you have to relax more hours a day. Are you aware!
    5. Learn to trust
    Now you discover that you have more time, you have to learn to trust that there is always enough time will be.
    6. Learn to enjoy as you relax.
    Relaxation is one. You will not relax you if you really enjoy the time you are given. You can not be happy and stress are! So make sure you are happy and enjoy!
    7. Learn to see that everything is okay
    The last step is to really understand that everything is okay. You are in this universe is born and you are no doubt connected with your surroundings. Wherever you are, whoever you are and whatever you feel it is okay.

    About the Author

    Annelies Hilgers Liefya or in combination with the maternity unit gegevan years as teacher in high school. Somewhere en route she noted that it is not the right direction was. She then followed courses in, among others Emotional Health and Healing Chakra. If online coach has much experience with the impact of stress on health. The above article is from her new ebook: 6 Types of Stress
    Translated version of http://www.star-people.nl/index.php?module=news&id=151
    (and how to come off again) Click for More Information

    Translated version of http://www.star-people.nl/index.php?module=news&id=151
    Source: websiteartikelen.nl
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    Friedrich Nietzsche

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