Here's how to use it:

1) Look for the "Location" box ... and find the city that is closest to you, click on that city; then,

2) Look for the "Local Time" box and make sure that that local time matches your current local time; then,

3) Make sure that the local date and time matches your current date and time; then,

4) Look for the box that says "the Local Sidereal time is" ... and see the time in that box -- the center of the Spotty Peak is when that time in that box shows the time of 13:30. When that "Local Sidereal time" shows that 13:30 number, then make note of your real time at that moment and that's your target time for this peak.

Your target time is the mid-point of that peak time, so, the half-hour-long time of the 400% peak (400% increase in psychic abilities) is 15 minutes before and past that target time; then the 200% to 300% time goes for 45 minutes before and after the center of the peak, starting at the start/end of the 15 minutes of either side of the 13:30 center of the peak.

So, for example, if your Spotty Peak time shows 13:30 right at noon on a day, then the start of the half-hour-long 400% part of the Spotty Peak starts at 11:45am and goes to 12:15pm; the first part of the 45-minute-long, 200% to 300% part starts at 11am and ends at 11:45am; the second part starts at 12:15pm and ends at 1pm, after which the entire Spotty Peak passes and you will have to wait until the next day for it to come around again ... 4 minutes shorter, though, as this Spotty Peak goes backwards about 4 minutes every day in its daily precession.

I encourage you to use this Spotty Peak as a time for meditations, a time for Contact with your Higher Self, a time to start to use it consistently (the best that you can) to start to visualize our Golden Age arriving NOW, not later, but NOW!

Let's start to use the power of our minds in this forum to shape our world to the way that WE want it to be. Period!

You want Peace?...................Visualize it.

You want Justice?..................Visualize it.

You want Free Energy?............Visualize it.

You want Love / Light?.............Visualize it.

There's no better time in any day than during the Spotty Peak than to use to visualize our new Golden Age arriving sooner and with less inconveniences than it otherwise would arrive.