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Thread: Meditation for spiritual growth and development

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    Re: Meditation for spiritual growth and development

    Fantastic Denise! As I touched on before- meditation is a completely natural undertaking. It allows the practitioner to speed up the natural process of growth and development that the mind goes through. In its essence, it is a purification of false ideas and identifications of self.

    The most "secret" and essential teaching on the subject of meditation is that NO MIND INTENT is needed. The mind cannot do anything unnatural of its own accord. Imagination needs to be avoided then ignorance and delusion will be illuminated (enlightened). For some a technique is needed at first, for others it is natural to sit.

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    Re: Meditation for spiritual growth and development

    The mind is a wonderful thing to experience. Naturally, it wants peace and understanding :P

    I love it and think it is also deep (esoteric) teaching that our bodies and minds cannot do anything that is outside the NATURAL progression and that true spiritual practices (meditation, etc.) only speed up the natural growth and development of the individual. The process is gradual, patience (forbearance) is a major key.
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