multi-dimensional awareness
Monday, March 9, 2009

This text is inspired by one of my biggest surprise during my spiritual awareness, and is also the most difficult that I can translate into words. This text explains the residence of third-dimensional world experience that I could only understand when I have a clear insight into the five-dimensional reality. The third dimension is a place that really is no place, but can only exist because people accept it as reality, and thus their experience world. This text also explains the fall of man in their own consciousness. This fall is in the Bible as the Fall. It is the fall of absolute unity to duality, space and time. This experience is the world now about the whole human race seems so real, but his stay in the individual consciousness of man and born of the erroneous approach of the universe.

It was only when I recently on a morning in the vicinity of the five-dimensional reality awoke, I understood that the third dimension to create self-awareness in our views as past and future, here and there, and even good and evil leave.

The illusion of time and space

Time is not and is a human illusion. Only the NOW exists. The Now is not something vague or far away, but a deep experience of unity where we can give shape to. It is not today or now, but it is timeless awareness, where a deep happiness inside. Once you are in your consciousness the notion to let live, and almost automatically a picture of tomorrow, or next week creates the illusion you live. In fact, you are the illusion. At that time you give shape to the third dimensional reality.

This is the same as the concept space. The idea of a country - Take Brazil for example - is only the concept of a bounded piece of earth that makes his stay in the physical existence. This again is only the third-dimensional view of a town residence has also been true in an area free universe. Brazil as a physical place to experience where you - as a physical body - can go to, you create the third-dimensional illusion in your own consciousness, the concept: space

The third-dimensional reality

The third dimension only his stay in the lower consciousness of man and was born from our false perceptions and approach of the universe of forms. The moment that I recognized I said things that (understandable) through my neighborhood with disturbing frown eyebrows were received. I said, for example, that plants, animals, planets, stars and even people do not exist, and indeed can not exist. This I mentioned that the forms you see none, but that only the image is.

If you do not see as perfect and experience, then you believe that they are less than perfect, and it is this faith (you think you made) on these forms that does not exist, except where people leave , namely their own consciousness. But just creating these perceptions (illusions) our experience for our world that seems so real, but as I said just stay in the individual consciousness. If you are not aware can return to the Source, then you know the true nature of these perfect creatures (yet) and you live in a distortion of it. Moreover, you take the plan as the only form of reality.

If the human body can not even return to the Source from which it was created, then, the man is not, because this physical body itself has already perfect stay in the empty space dimension. The ignorant mind of man is constantly radiating energy out, that this body soon obvious. This explains why you the character of many people see as clearly reflected in their physical nature.

If the man does not know himself, or he can pray that he may receive the wisdom to his true self to know, either 'is' he in the wrong views about the man and he creates for himself third dimensional reality.

Where I come from?

The 'here' is the reality that humans come in Truth and currently still resides. This "here" is not in your room, or wherever you may find you, but in a higher consciousness which is the third-dimensional reality world experience far beyond. You can not in the actual here and now live as long as your consciousness embodies the idea of forms. That is, until your consciousness is the sole reality adopt, instead of the space - and timeless dimension to which these forms also have their true residence. Read the text of the Wisdom of the Pyramid for a clearer understanding of the creation of space and time.

I hear often of spiritual people that they feel that they are the stars or somewhere far away and that they are "stuck on earth." In itself is hidden beauty in here, but if the previous text read, know that this is the result of the wrong approach to the universe and can only exist in the third dimensional world experience. To the Source to know you so well reflects sees the stars, you just thought of 'distant star' and 'on earth' release. If you let thoughts of life, you're just this reality and give shape to you. Only this reality, the idea that you are born "somewhere else in the universe comes from. As I said, you only see this' somewhere else 'or the source reflected in the stars, but this image that you see only the reflection of your Divine I AM consciousness. Better still can not. You are the Source. You do not have more to go. You will only be aware of.

The 'away' is your inner source that you see reflected in the stars and the 'stuck on earth' is just stuck in your own view of the physical existence. About the Wisdom of the Self to know that you know your feet can walk the earth, while aware of God (the source) can live.

How can you live from the fifth-dimensional reality?

The third dimension seems so real to us, because we are in space and time points are. If you want to step up to the joy of real life in the fifth dimensional reality hidden to know, the first thing you should do the appearance to what it is. The appearance is just an illusion, it does not exist. It was born because we too quickly identify with the mere physical body and therefore what we perceive as separate from ourselves see. The appearance seemed only to exist, but does not stay in God, and is not the truth. Then the man to follow Christ.

This Christ in you, the wisdom of a five-dimensional reality, and know that nothing can be far away in the conscious unity with God. God is everywhere, everything and go everywhere. Thus, the man who knowingly from this Christ Consciousness is alive no more restrictions and will know all his substance in yourself have. If you can from the Christ Consciousness to see a star and fully aware that the star in you. This awareness is what the Wise Men know if I am, but that will soon be much more on this blog.

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We remember:

The third dimension is not a spatial dimension, but is born of false ideas about the universe and only stay in the individual consciousness of man. So can you in third dimensional reality, life, and the person next to you is fully aware of fifth-dimensional reality, although you live in the same earth, and looks the same forms. The fifth dimension, we therefore in our own consciousness, and we will enter the conscious of the truth (because the truth will free you) instead of us to be guided by means of a concession illusionary third dimension, which also stay is our third dimensional self: the ego.


I hope that this people have given inspiration to attain the fifth dimensional consciousness. There are most beautiful stories on this dimension, but few lessons to recognize this dimension to enter. Jesus took this lesson (which I almost three A4 pages needed) nicely together in the phrase: "I am the way, the Truth and the Life." It is the I AM in man that the true path to the fifth dimension. You need the truth (not the illusion) and, if you come to the realization of the true Life. Those who meditate on this pressing will quickly come to this realization.

Source: inner teaching