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The "official" Snowden is fake. Here's the story - The Real Snowden
PLEASE COPY PASTE IN YOUR FEEDS DO NOT TRUST CIA FACEBOOK TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL WITH THEIR SHARE BUTTON: In 2010 Anarchadia became a non-profit, published journal*, with unspun news for free daily, and also became a big force against spin doctors who get paid millions of dollars to disinform the public with propaganda simulating real news. Before that we were a blog with over 20,000 people regularly visiting. As soon as we became a non-profit, the U.S Military started a 12$ million campaign** against us, thanks to the illegal traitors over at the ECHELON Empire and City of London corporation. Ever since thousands of dollars in donations (that we know of) have been stolen by a jealous U.S Government, which boasts about efficency, when Anarchadia is the fastest growing movement in the world, already in over 10 countries in only 3 years. Which is faster than any CIA funded movement like AlQaeda. The Edward Snowden ( Mark Zuckerberg's cousin***) saga was an inspired imitation of the founder of Anarchadia, (the founder of Anarchadia from Hawaii has been in exile in France for longer than Julian Assange and has had more content censored / more threats to safety than CIA/Australian Secret Service Wikileaks. Snowden is also aided by CIA Putin a great buddy of CIA George Bush (who's father helped kill Kennedy). Snowden is CIA****. The Vice President of CIA Facebook is Jeff Rothschild, and is a personal friend of Putin and the Chinese PM. Jeff Rothschild***** is currently fueling WW3, just like his grandparents funded WW2 for profit. The Rothschilds back all sides of war and genocide to make profit. Jeff Rothschild also made the mistake of taking such a public position. Now several CIA funded billionaires of Silicon Valley including Peter Thiel, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates all want the founder off Anarchadia buried. This is a crime against humanity, all Anarchadia wants to do is stop these rich bastards who starve to death 100 million people every 5 years for corporate profit increases and more slave labor produced. And who also try to detract organic movements like Anarchadia, while trying to pass off Versace wearing puppets like Sarah Palin as "grass-roots". *( ONLY REMAINING COPY ) ** *** ********/ ***** " Unlike Snwoden I did not have a 200,000$ a year CIA job... in Hawaii... I lived there for 19 years... and was forced to leave the US in fear for my life and future... No country came to my rescue... And no media ever mentioned me... And Anarchadia has come out with more censored stories... than Wikileaks and Snowden combined... and not about **** your government wants you to hear either.. Snowden is an imitation of me... except he's in CIA Russia with CIA Putin who is great buddies with Bush... and his puppet slave Obama... Snowden comes from Hawaii like me... he is Mark Zuckerberg's cousin... he copied my entire story... except has docs from the CIA and NSA because he is CIA... He is a limited hangout to censor Anarchadia... The CIA never wants to hear about Anarchadia and Viral in the same sentence... When Anarchadia has beat these nazi capitalists at their own game... We are now in 10 countries... in only 3 years... after 3 years of the US military spending millions of dollars censoring us... Except I'm really an American exile risking his life... Snowden and ASSange... are secret service... " via Tino Marketos