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Thread: radio frequency deflector block mind control

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    radio frequency deflector block mind control

    my idea needs to be tested on someone who hears voices in there heads to see if it has an effect.
    I want to take a tv remote rf transmitter diode and set it to an alternating frequency via a circuitboard and spin it via a rotator servo motor. Place them along walls to test the possible effect. I assume its fairly easy to put together. if anyone does build one or more and has success, let us know.

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    Re: radio frequency deflector block mind control

    I have an idea to stifle what you think are voice to skull attacks on you or your family. I get bad things happening and need to for my sanity do expiremental things to stop them.

    Zinc pyrithione powder mixed with paint, and applied to the homes walls should reduce the attack volume if voices are heard.
    recently i found i had shampoo with a 1% mixture and rubbed on my ear lobes/temporal lobes, bottom spine and right thigh. voices stopped, but im hearing ..other things quietly randomly, them discussing me.

    i know there is a combination that will fully disable them from finding me. Just wanted to put this out to those suffering in need of something. Remember, be safe and dont do expirements that will harm you or your family. i know its torchure. Mind over matter.

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