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Thread: Did anyone watch "Bug?"?

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    Did anyone watch "Bug?"?

    Was the movie suppose to be a Schizo that injected himself with a bug or was he suppose to be a conspiracy theory about the mind control tests done in 1954 by the german scientists they took from Hitler and gave ammunity to? projects like:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKULTRA with LSD and other I am having a hard time finding on th einternet unless I know there names. anyways is BUG a conphiracy movie or a schizo who went crazy with a virus???

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    Did anyone watch "Bug?"?

    No virus, just schizo, and he managed to convince the girl as well.The movie sucked bad.

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    Did anyone watch "Bug?"?

    No, what is "Bug"? Sorry. x

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    Did anyone watch "Bug?"?

    He was just a plain mental case that was able to make his girlfriend believe the same thing that he did. There was no bugs, no conspiracy, period.

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    Did anyone watch "Bug?"?

    Actually, the 'bugs' are only there as a metaphor to real crazy people who have the common symptom of 'bugs' crawling on them.SPOILER ALERT!!!!!The entire movie takes place inside the woman's mind. The motel room represents her sub-conscience. The bad boyfriend represents the devil on her shoulder always trying to get her to do wrong. The girlfriend represents the counter-balance of good & evil. Each character who enters the room represents a different emotion of her sub-conscience as she slowly becomes Skitso! Remember the phone call at the beginning (and repeated at the end)? That's when she found out her son had died. After that she goes into Pcychosis and thus the 'movie inside her mind' begins. Also, notice that anytime there are more than 2 characters in the motel room the 3rd one and 2nd one never acknowledge each other? Because it's all in the woman's head. Then, they show the phone call again at the end and it takes us right back to the moment the story began. This time we don't know if she's better or if she's going to repeat her psychosis. Strange movie but better the 3rd or 4th time....lol

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