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Thread: any tips on growing my hair into looking like this?

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    any tips on growing my hair into looking like this?

    http://mkultra.ca/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/david_bowie.jpgso im a guy and im growing out my hair. any tips on how to grow it into looking like this, should i trim it when growing it to make it shape into this,or any advice on what to tell my barber before they ruin my hair?(i've had bad experiences with barbers,im thinking of trimming my own hair should i?) any positive advice would be coolyea,im looking for a style to go with when i have it long, my hair is somewhat straight, and im looking for a style like the one above and along the lines of:http://www.hairfinder.com/haircollections3/man-haircut5.htmorhttp://www.hairfinder.com/haircollections5/parisblonde8.htm"you get what you pay for" -the sad truth(gonna have to find a expensive barber)

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    any tips on growing my hair into looking like this?

    What an excellent style. I just love long hair on guys; always have and always will - IF their hair is styled, clean and taken care of. I am a female child of the 60's, when long hair was the newest look for young men and when I was at the age I was beginning to really look at guys in a new light.I would think that for the style you showed us, then your hair should be pretty straight and fairly long already. Then, go to a really good stylist and take the photo along with you. Get the cut, then take the time to learn how to really take care of the style. Keep in mind, the photo you are looking at was taken by a professional photographer, Bowie's hair was styled by a professional stylist BEFORE the photo shoot and everything was planned. His great hair style was not just an accident. If you have the right hair for the style and are willing to style it properly then you can pull it off! As far as "barbers" and stylists - I have found in my over 50 years in this life, you get what you pay for. Use a really good hair stylist. Get input from everyone you know and it is OK to interview salons and stylists.Good luck.

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