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Thread: Was Ft. Hood an inside job?

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    Was Ft. Hood an inside job?

    Nope - but that is an interesting conspiracy theory.

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    Was Ft. Hood an inside job?

    with the 7/7 bombings in London there was an identical drill being conducted, identical to the actual bombings.with 9/11 there were drills being conducted at the same time as the attacks that mirrored what actually happened.There are military personel who thought they were in a drill when the Ft. Hood shooter (notice a pattern) opened fire, some are saying they were expecting gun fire, but they were expecting rubber bullets. Also there were other shooters witnessed, I mean shit this happened only 2 fucking weeks ago, you can think back and you'll probably remember that yes the media reported a total of 3 shooters, so ask yourself where the hell are the other 2 shooters, and why did they report a total of 3 shooters if there were only 1, and also who told the media that there were 3 in the first place.Here's another thing to think about, Hasan went to Virginia Tech, there was a mass shooter who then committed suicide named Cho, also there was a girl in January who was a Virginia Tech grad who was decapitated, her name is Xin Yang.Are there psychological testings being conducted at or near Virginia Tech? Are they conducting Manchurian type tests on people, like MKULTRA with the unibomber?

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    Was Ft. Hood an inside job?

    Probably.I mean they knew 6 moths ago he hated America and was for suicide bombings.. What business did our government have letting a Muslim that said I am a Muslim first and an American Soldier second? A soldier said he had told him he was torn between being a Muslim and an American Soldier and tired of seeing American Soldiers kill his Muslim brothers. So WHY was he allowed to be an American Soldier?

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    Was Ft. Hood an inside job?

    Looking @ it fr an Australian view point, it seems that 1 guy flipped out because he didn't want to go back to Afghanistan. It is a bit weird he turned out to be an American muslim & pyschiatrist, but that's as close to a conspiracy theory that appeared on our TV's.

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    Was Ft. Hood an inside job?

    I think it was just an act of one mad man. We will find out for certain soon enough.

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