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Thread: Reggae Band Website

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    Reggae Band Website

    I'm making a reggae band website to cheer me up. Any help with a good chat room for my website be greatly appreciated. I got RumbleTalk and c-box but it is not letting me integrate my users database.

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    Re: Reggae Band Website

    Hey peeps! Whats up? Well I hope you don't mind me letting you all know that I was researching many of html chat room application. Well after all the testing we have decided that we stick with Rumbletalk, because with it we get the most for the amount of money invested. It is thousand times better than free applications but still not expensive to not be able to afford it. For sure it is worth it's money!

    Why I decided to go with Rumbletalk? I like it because I can manage my own desing just as much as I would like. I am able to post youtube videos with it and also charts. I like it because it is not a resourse hog, works well on phones as well and the most important thing would be because it is safe, and it is almost impossible to break to your page through it as it is possible with other chat app's

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    Re: Reggae Band Website

    Here is some Rumbletalk designs, so you can all see how good the design is.

    Reggae Band Website-live-surgery-chatroom-png

    Reggae Band Website-2012-12-19_0110-jpg

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