You can use raisins to prepare a sauce that is said to help treat a whooping cough. Simply grind around 100 grams of raisin in regular drinking water, with around a 100 grams of sugar added in. Heat the mixture on medium heat, and preserve the thick liquid that is obtained. Just have a tablespoon of the solution once or twice a day.

• There is always a risk of dehydration, which is one of the biggest threats, particularly for young children and the aged. Consuming plenty of fluids like water, fruit and vegetable juices, soups and fruits with a high water content should help prevent dehydration.

• To minimize the problem of vomiting it would be best to have smaller and more frequent meals.

• A humidifier or mist vaporizer could help lessen the symptoms by loosening up phlegm and secretions, soothing the cough.

• Make sure that the environment is free of any potential irritants that could aggravate coughing, such as smoke, dust, aerosols and fumes.