Bedwetting Causes

Bedwetting in children may be due to immature nervous system due to which the child is not able to feel that his bladder is full.
- Sometimes it is also because of small bladder due to which the bladder is not able to hold all the urine produced during the night.- In a very rare case it may be due to some defects in the urinary system.- Some medical conditions like urinary tract infection, constipation, diabetes, sickle-cell anemia, or epilepsy may also cause bedwetting.- Hormonal factors, wherein there is inadequate antidiuretic hormone. This hormone reduces the amount of urine produced by the kidneys.- Spinal cord abnormalities.- Genetic factors.- Deep Sleep.

Natural Remedies

-One hour before going to bed take six to eight oz. of cranberry juice.
- Bedwetting can also be treated using herbs like causticum, lycopodium, ursi, corn silk and pulsatilla.-Before going to bed eat two tsp walnut halves and one tsp raisins.- Drink herbal tea made from herbs like oak bark, horsetail, wormwood or bearberry.- Massage inner thigh of the patient with St. John’s wort oil.- Retention control training - Practice retention control by postponing urination during the day, first by a few minutes and then by gradually increased amounts of time. This exercise will help strengthen the muscles that control urination and also increase the capacity of the bladder.- Avoid taking liquids before bedtime and make sure you empty the bladder before hitting the sack.