JAKARTA, INDONESIA, IndoGas 2011, will run from 24 to 27 January and will draw experts in the field from across the Indonesian archipelago. Gives a great opportunity for companies in the sector to network with suppliers, customers and partners across the country in one convenient and well-appointed conference centre. The event also offers a platform for new ideas, the latest research and innovative technologies. Meetings and seminars will discuss numerous related topics.

To give the event its full name, the 5th International Indonesian Gas Conference and Exhibition will bring together proponents and their audiences on the sustainable development of clean technology, future gas resources, new technology, new research and new inventions in the sector. The aim of the event is to improve the availability of natural gas and maximise efficiency within the industry.

Targeted visitors will be natural gas producers, transporters, traders and buyers as well as representatives from the government, banking and investment sectors. Academics, researchers, experts in related technologies, consultants and representatives from related businesses are also expected.

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