Have you ever wanted to go to Bilderberg? This guy did!

I always wanted to go to Bilderberg to see the whole spectacle with my own eyes. The big wigs, the police presence, the demonstrators, all of it. I wanted to experience how it is to be present at this event and get an idea of how I can make a difference right there. So together with two friends I drove from Germany to Copenhagen, the site of the 2014 Bilderberg conference.

There I witnessed a premiere in the history of Bilderberg as one of the attendees, Diederik M. Samsom from the Netherlands, came out to the protesters to listen to their comments and answer their questions. Even though Mr. Samsom and the protesters disagreed on most issues, it still seemed as if he was genuinely interested in communicating and coming to a better understanding of any given issue, not like somebody who is there to spread information that he knows to be misleading.

I also found that most of the people that I encountered in Copenhagen were first of all human beings—not bankers, pharmacists, politicians, or policemen. These are our jobs. I enjoyed that in most cases it was possible to talk to the humans first of all, not to their job roles.

Likewise, I mostly didn’t mean to act as some angry demonstrator, but as a courteous and friendly human being who’s simply interested in what’s going on in the world and who likes to communicate. I’ve done my best to keep the conversations with locals and police on topics where there would be the greatest leverage in terms of exchanging useful information and went with the flow that was created by that. This turned out to be quite pleasant and successful, and at the next Bilderberg conference I want to expand on that. No fear, no hostility, no getting divided and conquered, but coming together and succeeding.