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Thread: Study: RFID found in one third of humans!

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    Study: RFID found in one third of humans!

    What would you do, if you found out you had a RFID chip in you?
    Analysis of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chip Prevalence in 3 Discrete United States PopulationsBy John Brugle, Ph.D. on June 8, 2014

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chips have been used extensively in wildlife ecology and conservation to identify and track individual specimens in a population. It has been unknown, however, how often RFID chips have been implanted in human populations for the tracking and identification of individuals. This study analyzed the prevalence of RFID Chips in 3 geographically discrete populations and found that, on average, 1 in 3 individuals carried an RFID Chip. Interestingly, there was a strong correlation with RFID Chip presence and previous dental work.

    Materials and Methods
    Populations: Three discrete human populations, defined by geographic location, were assessed for the presence of RFID Chips.
    Read more here: http://witscience.org/analysis-of-ra....Hu9F491j.dpuf

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    Re: Study: RFID found in one third of humans!

    I would immediately have it removed, even if it meant removing a tooth or 2!
    Take your blinders off...

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    Re: Study: RFID found in one third of humans!

    how do you know for sure if they have inserted them into your mouth??

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    Re: Study: RFID found in one third of humans!

    If it's an actual RFID chip made by humans, it will give off radio waves. This could be sensed by radio receivers such as an oscilloscope. Although there are hand held radio frequency sensor devices such as a 'Passive Reader Active Tag' or 'PRATs' available for this application.

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