Michael “Savage” Weiner Predicts a “Reichstag fire-like event”
Mon, 16 Mar 2009

Yeah, its Michael Savage, I know.

Still, on his March 4th radio show, after launching a “Nazi” diatribe against the Obama administration, Savage stated that the U.S. would experience a false flag attack in order for the administration to sway the public towards its decisions.

In his own words: “Savage predicts a ‘Reichstag fire-like event’ sometime in the next year or two, in America, that will have been conducted by the government and blamed upon subversive elements in order to permit a naked dictatorship to emerge in this country.”

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By Kurt Nimmo
Republished from Infowars
Conservative radio host predicts false flag event under Obama

On March 4, 2009, Michael “Savage” Weiner claimed to expose the dictatorial machinations of the Obama administration on his nationally syndicated radio show. “Right now what we have is a dictatorship run by a gang,” Weiner declared. “It’s a gang under Obama.”

In the eight minute audio clip here, Weiner provides us with a rambling dissertation on Obama, presumed gang leader Rahm Emanuel, and the Democrats, allegedly a group of devious people Weiner has previously described as Nazis or Nazi-like.

Indeed, the Obama movement demonstrates classic fascist tendencies, although these are not Nazi or Nazi-like, as Weiner has claimed. It is difficult to believe the highly intelligent Weiner is incapable of telling the difference.

Weiner’s repeated references to the Nazis are designed to conjure up imagery deeply embedded in our cultural landscape and place it within a contrived and polarized false right-left context.
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Michael “Savage” Weiner Predicts a “Reichstag fire-like event”