New World Order pox currency acmetal is ACME - Amero dies
Written by Aspartame Boy

Story written: 17 March 2009

Tags: Dollar, Amero

I do hope you like our new acmetal (ACME). It's great for buying chocolate.

ASSTAN, Kazakhstan - According to my source, Canadian Noball-prize wiener Professor Obertrien Undellmien, Dictator Ursultannien Azarbayevnien, here, has been selected by the Bilderberg Group to proffer the plan for the already agreed upon New World Order currency, the acmetal (ACME).

Known for his dream currency, the Euro, my source also says that ACME will replace the Amero. The Amero has already been laughed out of town. So many people are laughing at it that it had to be abandoned, thanks to, a carefully read predictor of world events carefully scrutinized by world intelligence services.

In fact the ACME will replace the Amero, the Euro, and the Eurasso (Asian version of the Euro currently being laughed out of town in smaller circles).

The coin versions of the of the ACME will include the zit (1/100 ACME), the blackhead (1/20 ACME), the whitehead (1/10 ACME), boil (1/4 ACME) and the carbuncle (1/2 ACME). Each will feature the face of the Dictator.

The 'crisis', created as an excuse to finance the new IMF to be run by the U.N. is totally fiction. It's sole purpose is to finance the new currency, and bankrupt the U.S. so as to make it easy to force the issue on Hitler's birthday, April 20. THAT's why we can't ask where the money went. It went to the IMF/UN/ACME bank of dictatorship, according to my source.

More details will be announced on April 2, after Obama plays his April Fool visit to the Queen of England to have a good laugh.

Dictator Azarbayevnien, thought that it would "look kind of funny". Yes, and some say it looks fishy.