Saturday, April 4, 2009

(thinning or strong reduction in numbers)

While channelized messages from Archangel Michael humanity calls on the air to watch, we continue with the other eye to 'ordinary' newspaper articles look with eyes that can see ...

We bring you just the above message in memory. "I have already said and I repeat in it; those of you on this Earth know the dance of the planets, I invite to a highly accurate astrological configuration to look at March 25, 2009. That day will mark a milestone in the history of your soul and that of mankind. "

And while there were people who were hoarding food and water, in the firm belief that war would come, there was a message on March 22 in the 'Sunday Times' with a striking headline ...


Jonathan Porritt, one of Gordon Brown principal consultants warn that the English people should be drastically reduced to society or society in multiple ways to keep living.

Porritt will call at the annual conference of the Optimum Population Trust, which he is patron of. The Trust will research figures, which must prove that the UK population by half should be food deficits.

Porritt said: "Population Growth and Economic Growth (?), The world under terrible pressure. Each member of the population has a much larger impact on the environment than people in developing countries. So half our population is the only way to reduce that impact. "

The global population growth is one of the most sensitive political issues relating to environmental problems. Read this line again as follows: the man is become an environmental problem for politicians.

Nobody, even the 'Greens' do not want to burn his hands on the religious, cultural and immigration issues that are involved. Even so, Porritt support of science. Professor Rapley, Director of the Science Museum, the OPT conference to warn that the growth of the population, the efforts to reduce global warming could destroy.

According to Rapley impact humanity annually the equivalent of 50 billion tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere. It is, for me at least, remarkable that the greenhouse effect now suddenly the world is placed in the shoes. The two biggest industries that made huge profits by population growth, media and pharmaceuticals wrap themselves in silence.

They breed on ways to decimate the world, and it is not the first time that this happens. Now, particularly in the United States millions of personal bankruptcies threaten the population is no longer a generator of profits / blood money.

The solution comes from the pharmaceuticals, which together with the World Health Organization, a clever plan devised to keep the world healthy. Read that again in this way: "The world is healthy, not the people!"

The dictionary gives inherent duality, two meanings for the word 'gay'. As a noun it stands for 'Homosexual' or 'merry, cheerful, exuberant and cheerful.

scientists devised a happy and cheerful to plan to decimate the world. We have no doubt that AIDS erupted in the U.S., shortly after the government-sponsored experiments with Hepatitis B vaccines in homosexual men between 1978 and 1981 were used as guinea pigs.

The epidemic was caused by the introduction of a new retro-virus, the human immune disorders virus or HIV, and the introduction of a new herpes-8 virus that causes AIDS! The taboo theory that AIDS is man-made disease is based largely on research that there is an undeniable link between the government paid vaccine experiments and the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic.

The generally accepted story is that HIV / AIDS was caused by a monkey that attacked people in Africa. But the first AIDS cases were already reported in 1979 by homosexuals in Manhattan, a few years before the virus in 1982 in Africa was' discovered '...

There is even claimed that the herpes-8 virus (also known as KS virus), which in 1994 was' discovered 'also came from a primate from Africa that people attacked. How the 2 people Tupping viruses are limited to gay 70er's final years in Manhattan was never scientifically explained ...

Researchers who claim AIDS is man-made virus, thinking that it is highly likely that both viruses were introduced and spread during the recruitment of thousands of gay men in 1974.

There were large numbers of gay's in Manhattan donated blood for the experimental hepatitis B vaccine that was tested in the New York blood bank in Manhattan in 1978.

Extensive evidence supporting the theory that one man developed AIDS virus can easily be found on the Internet 'Man-made origin of AIDS in typing and in the 2 books by Dr. Alan Cantwell: "AIDS and the Doctors of Death "and" Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot. "

I am often accused of conspiracy theories that I am following, and even that I would lose my Christ Consciousness, or that I am spiritually out of balance. I found a remarkable line during the research for this article: "ALL THAT IS Necessary FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING!"

Because I do nothing strange is I, with the risk of more abusive comments, this article souls who awaken to higher truths.

Free Hepatitis B vaccine.

Because I am aware no television reception, I subscribed to two newspapers, one regional and one national evening newspaper ochtendblad. In the evening newspaper of March 31 I came to the following article, which immediately went to call my alarm ringing, and I know that feeling do not make mistakes ...


Rotterdam, March 31. The Health Minister Klink recommends a vaccination program against hepatitis B for all infants and adolescents.

You can just read on the Internet and downloading, but if you do not see Things Consistency of the article is totally uninteresting.

[...] Now, only people with an increased risk for hepatitis B vaccination, such as homosexuals, drug users, police officers and children of families from countries with a high risk.

If all infants are vaccinated, save that in fifty years, 1500 deaths in the Netherlands, the Health Council. With a catch-up campaign at teenagers additional 500 lives would be spared. People with hepatitis B may result from liver failure or liver functions.

The vaccine for infants may together with the so-called dktp-prick are given in the first year of life. These are the approximately 170,000 children per year. The catch-up campaign for young people, which would last twelve years, the year to 200,000 teenagers.

They should, as with the campaign about the vaccine against cervical cancer in a short time to three shots before the vaccine works best. Per year is approximately 2.5 million euro.

The Netherlands is one of the few countries that has no general vaccination against hepatitis B. According to the Health grafting 160 countries in their population against the disease. Apart from the Netherlands in the western world only Great Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia vaccination policy at risk.

Even in those countries is planned in general vaccination policy. In Italy the number of cases of acute hepatitis B after introduction of the global vaccine program dropped from eleven to three per 100,000 inhabitants per year.

Minister Klink decide this spring what he does with this opinion. Secretary Hans Houweling in Health recognizes that acceptance is important and there is nobody waiting for "rapid implementation of a new national vaccination, given the problems of the campaign against cervical cancer. Of the teenage girls who are sued is only 50 percent appeared. [...]

I am suddenly off to the G20 really have spoken! What they talked, the 20 in London? Did Jonathan Porritt, one of Gordon Brown principal consultants, are statements regarding the decimation of the world presented to world leaders?

We have our Father / Mother God Free Choice received, make use of when you call about a healthy world in the mailbox gets. Let your feelings speak, because that makes no errors!

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