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Agence France-Presse try's to portray ALL civilian activists as violent and anti-government

AFP: Thailand braces for massive anti-gov’t protests.

BANGKOK (AFP) — Tens of thousands of protesters rallied in Bangkok in their biggest bid yet to force Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva from office, as the government braced for possible violence.

Police said around 30,000 red-clad supporters of fugitive former premier Thaksin Shinawatra had gathered outside the main government offices in the capital, where demonstrators have been staging a sit-in for the last two weeks.

The protest comes a day after so-called “Red Shirts” attacked Abhisit’s motorcade following a cabinet meeting in the resort town of Pattaya, smashing one of the windows of his car in a major escalation of tensions.

Protest leaders say they expect thousands more to come from around the country on Wednesday for what they have called “D-Day” in their efforts to push Abhisit to dissolve his four-month-old government and hold elections.

Police said they believed protesters were planning to surround the residence of one of the widely revered king’s top advisors, who has been accused by Thaksin of orchestrating the coup that toppled him in 2006.

“So far they have not yet publicly announced their plans but our intelligence says they will move at 10 am (0300 GMT),” said Major General Suporn Phansua, a spokesman for Bangkok Metropolitan Police.

He said some 10,000 security forces had been deployed at major sites including Government House and the residence of former premier General Prem Tinsulanonda, the royal adviser accused by Thaksin.

Local television footage showed that soldiers were already deployed at Prem’s house.

Billionaire tycoon Thaksin, who is living in an undisclosed foreign country to avoid a jail term for corruption, said late Tuesday that the protests would mark a “historic day for Thailand.”

“We will come peacefully but we need as many people as possible to show that the Thai people will not tolerate these politics any more,” he said in a speech via videolink to supporters outside Government House.

British-born Abhisit came to power in December after a court ruling removed Thaksin’s allies from government. The decision came after a long street campaign by protesters claiming allegiance to the monarchy.

The country remains deeply divided between Thaksin’s followers among the urban and rural poor and his foes in the traditional power cliques of the palace, military and bureaucracy.

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AFP: Thailand braces for massive anti-gov't protests