April 10, 2009

New world order has a Spanish accent
Ian King: Business commentary
Times online

Given its prestigious alumni, it is always worth listening to the management consultancy McKinsey, which this week published a collection of essays on global trends.

Among the intriguing predictions in this thought-provoking anthology is that, by 2040, Nigeria and Sudan will have broken up and Ethiopia, Tanzania and Ghana will become success stories; Russia will have joined the European Union and Spanish will have joined English as an official US language.

There are also predictions that, as medical technology moves from curing diseases to improving the functioning of the body, there will be greater obligations on individuals to commit to recommended vaccinations and health screenings in return for the State providing a decent health infrastructure.

The McKinsey brainboxes also say biotechnology may end malaria by ensuring that mosquitoes are genetically modified to prevent them transmitting the disease.

There is also a piece by Steven Chu, Barack Obama's Energy Secretary, claiming that coal will remain crucial as a US energy source.

Also featured is Rick Wagoner, the former GM chairman and chief executive, who predicts less dependence on oil. What a tragedy, for him, that he could not reduce GM's dependence on the US taxpayer.

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