British police arrest innocent young people to take their DNA
Friday, June 12, 2009

UK agents are aimed at children over 10 years, with the aim of their DNA profiles in the national database to avenue and to increase their chances of solving crimes.

Hundreds of teenagers have their DNA by the police to take in case it later in life crimes, which has a British official explained.

The practice is also known as part of a "long term strategy for crime prevention for young people to discourage in the future offenses committed.

Brugerrecht activists, the tactic as "appalling" condemned and said that the contempt for the freedom of children shows.

A metropolitan police officer claims that figures showed that last year 386 minors their DNA by the police have been reduced. These profiles are then stored in Camden (North London).

The agent admitted that they target young people who have received have never been arrested. He said that they are not waiting for schools, but "acting on intelligence."

"We were often told that we have a chance for a DNA sample, and if we miss this chance may mean that in future a rape or murder remains unsolved." says the agent.

DNA profiles of arrested adults and children who have not been convicted of terrorism or serious sexual or violent crimes will be 12 years. The profiles of children no other crimes will be erased after six years, or if they are 18 (there is what comes before).

There are an estimated 5.3 million profiles in the British DNA database. That is about one in 10 citizens. The British DNA database is the largest in the world and includes profiles of some 850,000 people who have never been convicted of a crime shall be.

Original Sources: Global Research, Daily Telegraph 2009-06-04

Source: wacholland