Some news from sep 08
Washington sets up shadow government

BBC News

An emergency parallel government has been set up in the United States to try to ensure that federal rule could continue in the event of a catastrophic attack on Washington, US officials say.

The operation was activated after the 11 September attacks but planning dates back to the Cold War era.

It is reported to involve 70 or more officials drawn from all departments, depending on the perceived level of threat.

Those taking part live and work underground for long spells at secret fortified locations on the East Coast.

The core group of federal managers would put into effect orders from the president or his constitutional successor.

“Bunker duty”

The plan for a shadow government has been implemented now because of heightened fears that Osama Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network might obtain a portable nuclear weapon.

An unnamed senior official told Associated Press news agency that while US intelligence had no specific knowledge of such a weapon, the risk was great enough to warrant activation of the plan.

He said President George W Bush did not foresee ever needing to turn over government functions to the secret operation, but believed it was prudent to put the plan into action in the light of the war against terrorism and persistent threats of future attacks.

Other officials, who spoke to the Washington Post newspaper, said the back-up government consisted of anything from 70 to 150 people at two principal locations on the East Coast.

Once activated for what some call “bunker duty”, they live and work underground 24 hours a day, away from their families.

Those deployed for the operation are not allowed to tell anyone where they are going or why. “They’re on a ‘business trip’, that’s all,” one official was quoted as saying.
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