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Thread: The New World Order is rapidly approaching ...

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    The New World Order is rapidly approaching ...

    The New World Order is rapidly approaching ...

    November 4, 2009

    The New World Order is approaching very quickly. It has never gone so fast. Look at Europe. Today is the last head of state signed the Lisbon Treaty, which it has ratified, such as a buzz word. This means that from December 2009 we have lost our sovereignty. Have you seen it?

    The Czech Prime Minister Klaus declares openly disagree with the treaty, and regretted that by signing Czech lose its sovereignty. So. Yet he draws! Why? What are the forces that cause he still draws, although he openly declares it not to share this view? And look at France, which said no to the constitution, to us in the Netherlands who also have said NO. We in the Netherlands are treated like little children. Our own government, the Treaty of Lisbon, which is nothing other than a renamed constitution, but even without our consent approved.

    That our government has declared to have fooled the Dutch People. Exactly the same in Ireland after the referendum constituted a big NO, they just have another referendum, which strangely enough convincing YES then suddenly released. Unbelievable. If these people have not awakened, then they deserve to sleep.

    Another issue is the Mexican / swine flu. Suddenly there are just some children died of flu in the Netherlands. What timing. Exactly the planned vaccination, which really starts. Trucks carry the vaccines from a 'secret' location, and the needles are sharp, so we can line up.

    Although Minister Klink still openly says that the flu is milder than a normal winter flu. On television you see all images from America, where people sometimes 4 hours or longer in line for a flu shot. We are programmed to be ready to stand. Constantly out on television which already shows that the majority of the Dutch would like a flu shot. Well, as I say, the New World Order is fast approaching. Very fast. Are we still wake up on time? Until the next column ...

    Source: goto2012
    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Re: The New World Order is rapidly approaching ...

    I just watched Alex Jones' "Endgame", and this brings me to such twisted conclusions as to what is really going on.

    As far as the H1N1 goes, they have had this planned for many of years in my opinion. Just one of many pending biological waves of inoculations. Not getting mine, and dont plan on getting any anytime soon.

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