Now a media crisis?
Last updated: Sunday, February 15, 2009

After the climate crisis and the credit crisis we now face a crisis in the media. And especially in the new media. This conclusion I read in the newsletter of The Life Foundation. This organization specializing in human medicine, especially journalists sees as heralds of doom scenarios rather than ambassadors of hope.

According to The Life Foundation, there are many alternatives to the one-sided, negative worldview that the media everyday voorschotelen. "We must say goodbye to everything that is built on manipulation and power and a new world to build from strength and connection. Only the media is often blind to this news, so read the newsletter.

This explanation sounds very familiar to me and I am surprised that five years ago started what has become From that position I have in recent years also in regular contact with various media, from newspapers to news, and I see it more and more openness to other, more positive news.

Commercial enterprises, including many media today have always attuned to what the customer wants and they keep with the current Zeitgeist closely. Therefore I am surprised that the media needs to other news barely pick up and think for scoring with schadenfreude. The social responsibility in the media is sometimes hard to find with these social issues in other industries are almost established.

But self is not the most advanced feature of journalists. They say that there is a large gap between politicians and citizens. But I think there is just such a large gap between the news media and what people really want.

But every crisis also offers opportunities. Financial terms are much media, especially newspapers, is currently in heavy weather. But the declining circulations and ad revenues are forcing media to innovate, to distinguish themselves and to focus more on what the new consumer really wants.

This creates more and more interest in additional new products as well as seriously good news. The new U.S. president Obama has already much longer: "The United States has chosen fear over hope, and unity over conflict."

So I see this media crisis especially if high risk, in addition to the existing news also focus on events that go very well in our society. Really good news and I mean exactly that, you can read. Behind the scenes, I talk with a number of major news media on these new opportunities. I may go with their cooperation and workshops go to media to encourage and guide them.

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