New World Order/The false left-right paradigm

Monday, November 23, 2009

Many things point out that behind the scenes at the time an effort to plan for the world to unite under a new world order. The goal is one world government, "A New World Order" as George Bush Senior called it in his speeches.
If this plan would be fully realized, would mean that all borders disappear, all countries would cease to exist and the elite of the world will have power over the world. Many people the positive aspects of globalism to raise do not see that a world government corruption attracts. A beautiful description here is the famous quote from the English historian Lord Acton: "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".
If this information was first read this can be very upsetting and you feel there is often not in depth because it sounds absurd. This is understandable because it is very difficult to imagine that there is a comprehensive conspiracy against the will of the people working to obtain absolute power. We hope that you can put your prejudices aside when looking at the information presented here and the claims made on their own correctness will investigate.

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The false left-right paradigm is well described using the following movie. This example is about how it is currently written in the United States.

Source: wacholland