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Thread: Grandpa Bush was a Nazi American, a global governance ..! Tuesday, February 24, 200

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    Grandpa Bush was a Nazi American, a global governance ..! Tuesday, February 24, 200

    Grandpa Bush was a Nazi American, a global governance ..!
    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    Democracy is a system that does not work. "That is simply the idea that Bush had Grandpa. Prescott Bush, because as the name of this man, did not this idea, but before the 2nd world war plans for 500,000 veterans, the U.S. government subversive activity and the power to take over the democratically elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt. That ultimately, 2 generations later, the Bushes chose a different approach, the erosion of democracy from the inside, is in fact what from these actions to be identified. Read the story of a media story remained hidden.

    There are several journalists that the story of Prescott Bush have been studied. The contacts that Prescott Bush had Nazi Germany are really repulsive. This man had contacts with IG Farben, the company that produced poison gas for subsequent concentration. Bush should be aware of this have been because his money was lent to this company, whose owner Frits Thyssen had become a personal friend of Bush and his companion. Because Bush on semi-official level was employed, there are many documents his actions reflected.

    And his son, George Bush, later President of the U.S., was so early in the paplepel potted, it is possible for the beautiful country that the U.S. is and will continue from the inside to eat, by money graaien, the power to intervene and the population under control. And thus made, it seems time and again from official and unofficial documents. Father Prescott Bush collected the basic capital for the family, the Bushes as one of the most prominent families in the U.S. were seen.

    Prescott Bush was by his marriage to Dorothy Walker in 1921 the son of one George Herbert Walker, and together they were partners in the Union Banking Corporation. This worked in Germany so with great industrial Fritz Thyssen. Since Bush and Walker were partners with Thyssen, the war machine of Hitler financing. Fritz Thyssen published a book in 1941 entitled: "I paid Hitler. The book describes how it could happen, that an army of 4,500,000 Germans already in 1933 was formed under the leadership of Ernst Röhm, by Hitler's money. They received that turn of Thyssen and the Union Bank of Prescott Bush and his father.

    The contacts he had with Nazi Germany are really repulsive. That Bush did business with Thyssen Frits, the director of IG Farben, the company that produced poison gas for the later including Auschwitz and other concentration camps.

    This deal was IG Farben, the company of Thyssen, in turn also the orders of Hitler's government, which enabled the koolvergassingss-production development. This gasification of coal could produce aviation fuel and synthetic rubber, so that the large part of German industrial oil and rubber independence. If tires of army vehicles could be produced without the natural rubber from other countries was needed.

    But IG Farben is especially famous for the Zyklon B gas that the Germans used to 2 million Jews to gas in the Auschwitz camp, according to the camp commander of the Nazi's. And the reason that the Auschwitz concentration camp in this place was it was near the industrial complexes of Fritz Thyssen was. Factories and trains could be so efficient combined .. Thyssen knew so very much what was going on and was about to happen, when he had contacts with Bush and Walker.

    The bizarre is that Prescott Bush with a number of other ultra right-wing comrades in the same year 1933 an attempt was, in any case far prepared for the Government of President Roosevelt subversive activity. And all under the motto: "There is only 1 out of this depression, the end of the democratic system and the power in a number of dictators. "

    In the context of research into Prescott Bush as a war criminal, is first of all, John Buchanan, investigative journalist. After a thorough examination he concluded that Prescott Bush a crook of the purest water, a white-collar criminal, who had completely fooled democratic processes and behind the scenes was to implement a duplicate Germany under Hitler, Italy under a duplicate Musolini. This man had an intense longing for money, power and domination. Here he is shown on a picture after the war, in conversation with the then U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower.

    It is ghastly to think that his son George Bush, only decades later, was the leader of the CIA, the organization of choice, under the guise of 'public official' launch could proceed with its fascist practices, such as the overthrow of governments but also dealing in drugs, in order to acquire funds, which are not 'democratic' meeting need be collected.

    The same George HW Bush, who uitriep: "We need to 'A New World Order', which he referred to nothing else than the removal of democratiën over the world and in the hands of power, worldwide, by a bunch of elitist, by the -to-high-feel them. And to be an example of the decisiveness of George HW son: he was the one who together with others, behind the attack on John F. Kennedy Saturday .. (this in a later article above).

    But first, so the video with John Buchanan, unfortunately, in English, but it is a fairly easily accessible text.

    Then there is the story with exactly the same lines as John Buchanan says that, but then comes from the mouth of the English journalist Mike Thomson. This was for the BBC report the same story and he studied how it was possible that this information, Prescott Bush's ties with Nazi Germany, so long remained hidden. On THIS LINK you can radio interview / report listening to this honest journalist, Mike Thomson.

    Moreover, Prescott Bush or punished for their actions, because in 1941 a special law was adopted in the U.S.. This' Trading with the Enemy act "allowed Bush to address. But the capital was collected, the character created during these later senator in the U.S.. It was not until October 20, 1942, before President Roosevelt herd was put on the shares of Union Banking Corporation and Bush was denounced as a collaborator. Prescott Bush manages a come-back this Saturday to make it from 1952 to 1963 in the U.S. Senate. The history behind this man was kept dark, there are no newspaper articles or solid interviews with the Bush'es, as part of their accumulated capital at the expense of family ...

    All in all, a dark look into the past of the history of the father of the late Presidents of the USA. George Herbert Walker Bush Sr.. and George W (alker) Bush. Both showed the same behavior that their father showed. Shit to democracy, all power to me '.. All 3 were Yale students, who were members of the Yale-eliteclub Skull & Bones. A club that is mainly to do is display the ball to play and power, influence and ability to collect. Apparently at the expense of democratic processes, human life and human values.
    Prescott Bush with son George Bush, later director of the CIA and President of the USA
    Signing a contract in the Oval Office with President Dwight Eisenhower. Prescott Bush's low shot in the presidential ...

    Source: wanttoknow
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