Coming Antichrist could well open the door
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dirk van Genderen, former editor and columnist of EO's Vision, thinks that the advent of the Antichrist may be in the offing. "I expect that this will happen at the time of serious crisis. We would sometimes close to this time may be

Van Genderen (photo) says that in his weekly column he published on a website. It is he in this time of financial crisis. "The crisis is extremely serious threat to," said Van Genderen. "Many countries in Eastern Europe are on the brink of financial ruin. This also applies to several South American countries and several American states. And in Europe, the crisis fearsome forms. England's, for example, very bad. The chance is there that the total financial system collapsed in each other. "

The consequences are totally unpredictable and can be very dramatic, "he thinks. "The number of unemployed will rise dramatically and more and more government money will come. The signals from many industries are ink black. The transport is stopped, the building is collapsed and the car and crack kreunt to name a few. "

He says that last autumn's global financial system already has been a few hours removed from a total global collapse. "With rapid interventions that disaster could be averted." But his message is clear: It is possible again - and worse can happen.

Van Genderen has an advice to his readers: "My advice is: let's just remember that the situation is considerably worse. And where that prejudice is quite uncertain. We hope and pray that it still will, but it is not excluded that the financial system it is. This will cause great unrest. "

But how is the situation can be seen in Biblical light be? Van Genderen, "All I said once before in this context Revelation 17 and 18, about the fall of Babylon, I also believe that Babylon is the World Financial System. In one hour Babylon will display in landfill. And late last year was almost. The whole system can collapse together in a moment. 
I am convinced that we are in the end times, the time immediately preceding the coming of the Lord Jesus. It will be a heavy time, in which the Antichrist will appear on stage. I expect that this will happen at the time of serious crisis. We would sometimes be close to this moment as can be. "

He urges his readers not to panic, but to become aware of the seriousness of the current situation. "More than ever, it is now is that we rely not on our bank, our job, our beautiful home or anywhere in. All these effects are very relative and can suddenly disappear or evaporate. 
Who to trust Him, as one who builds his house on rock. When the storm and the waves come, that house remains the same. But the house that was built on sandy soil, will be under when the storm and the waves are over store (Matthew 7:24-27,

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