On the edge of The New World Order ...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We are now really on the edge of the New World Order. The "climate crisis" has made it all possible. Any objections are swept aside, or rather they are not even on the table. How is it that despite the pass intercepted documents clearly the opposite of global warming claim, despite all those scientists who have publicly spoken against the IPPC, despite all the efforts we do to bring this news out, despite all that the "climate crisis" continues?

Very simple ... It is not the climate. It is about power, for dominance, for total control. Formerly the science and the church claimed that the world was flat. And who disagreed had been beheaded or burned. This was continued until there was much evidence that even the church had to admit that the earth was a sphere. Then it was dogma that all planets revolved around the earth, and was anyone who spoke against killed. And later the church had to admit that the earth revolved around the sun, not vice versa. But what was the result of that evolution? Nothing, absolutely nothing, the church and the illuminati are still in power. And now they are working on the final step for total domination, again based on a dogma.

The dogma of global warming. And we get the blame. The common man must be cut and start paying. And now we have got a world government. Not openly, but economically, a world government that provides what we all must pay. And if that goes well for a while, it is becoming a real government. Look at Europe. First EEG, first only economically, and now suddenly a president, and there is talk of government. David Icke is always the example of a frog in hot water. If you throw a frog in hot water, he jumps out. If you throw a frog in cold water and then slowly heating water, then he remains in it and you cook it.

This exactly happens with us. Step by step towards a world government. There's a problem of global proportions needed for everyone to get. So get a problem. And give the people the blame. Ok, our CO2 emissions cause global warming? So our industry, our energy producing all the CO2? And then the ocean, and volcanoes, which together cause many times more CO2 than anything we humans cause each other? And all these facts indicate that CO2 not cause warming, but just after warming appears in larger quantities. And all these facts prove that the earth did not warm up, but rather is cooling down? And all these statistics with historical data show that an ice age every 100,000 years is there between by a brief warming of one years or 10,000. And that the current period of warming already lasts 11,000 years and therefore actually the edge of the next ice age is?

I'm sure by then they do something else. Because this is not about the environment. It's about oppression, total control. At our expense, at the expense of everyone. Only the rich are better again, the Al Gores, the Obamas, the Oranges with their Shell and so on. And in poor countries already the consequences of that policy can be seen that those countries even poorer than they already are there, you hear nothing. Shame!

Is it not time for us to stop, to say enough is enough? We can still do something, even if our "chosen" government says yes and amen in Copenhagen? If all the media and "our" daily fine broadcasters loyalty program with global warming the people and all other stories? We are now the ones who call the earth sphere and not flat. How long will it be before we are thrown on the pyre? Hmm ... Time being no more global warming. The winter is here again. Snow and ice skating hats and mittens. Enjoy it just as good of, according to Al Gore because the winters are disappearing. But not just yet! Until the next column ...