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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Listen to Janet Daley has to say today in The Daily Telegraph.

- she says - the time of year we say who was the most influential person of 2009. And what event has made the biggest impression. All well and good, but Daley is also sometimes important to know what the word of 2009 and they come across the adjective "global." You had this years' global crisis', 'global challenges',' global solutions' and 'global agreements.

If a Prime Minister talk about the "global crisis" he says actually it is not my fault, because it is a matter that exceeds the borders. And because there is a "global solution" to come, he at once that he was not the first course is the best, who assists in this important solution.

Daley notes that politicians seem to avoid this a common opinion. Because the basic idea of democracy is that national governments are elected and are responsible for the ins and outs of the land borders. And be elected by their own nationals or not. But as more and more issues to a 'global' handling questions, blurred and clear this old principle.
Where problems are increasingly global, sooner or later a global world government to solve them and this should have nothing Daley. Something like 'democratic deficit' that now clings to the EU, would even grander (bureaucratic) forms. No thanks, she says.

The banking crisis is resolved fairly certain countries (think Australia), so an international crisis do not always need to be tackled international resources.

That "global" solutions even stick something totalitarian globalism and perhaps little else than internationalism, an old term from the dictionary left, which the whole world ever to be mobilized.

Let us therefore see how the nation is again breathed new life can be - that seems to Daley in 2010 a beautiful "global challenge."

The Daily Telegraph

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