The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment (video-ENG)
Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Philadelphia experiment is an alleged American naval experiment in the marinehaven of Philadelphia from 1943 to (radar) invisibility of a naval vessel to achieve by manipulating magnetic fields. There were all sorts of strange effects occurred, such as disappearance of crew, journey-effects and even teleportation of the ship. According to the official reading of the U.S. Navy is the whole story an inflated myth.

In the experiment the ship disappeared a few times but appeared again and again, apparently undamaged. But the crew was less well off: some of them disappeared without trace, others flew in spontaneously fire and a piece or even five sailors were 'merged' with the deck of the ship. Almost all the crew were below severe mental problems and in the coming months, some of them disappeared into thin air or still spontaneously fire flown. The shocked naval leadership immediately stopped further testing and tried the whole affair in the cover-up.

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