Do fish feel pain
Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fish to the pole ground, feel pain and that pain will continue to remember. This is evident from a study by Norwegian and American scientists.

During the study, goldfish exposed to a painful heat. She had a miniature jacket with a small, flexible heating element, as in the aerospace industry is used for electrical wires to dry. Before they were to half the fish the painkiller morphine, the other half not. The test showed that at 38 ° C the fish had been no pain, showed signs of anxiety and confusion. The fish had a frightening experience that could come and remember.

The researchers hope that they do think this survey fishermen about their fishing. According to Andrew Tyler, director of a British organization for animals, fish is a barbaric sport. He says the fishing is terrible and that it should be prohibited.

The findings were published in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science.

Source: Knack