82,000 illegal parrots destroyed

July 21, 2009

Animal rights organizations are outraged at the destruction of over 82,000 illegal parrots following the arrest of a 39-year-old parrot trader from Bruges.

At the end of March, following a fire in uitslaande Koolskamp a giant parrot nursery discovered. The activity took place on agricultural area and was probably because of that ignorance never indicated.

A veterinarian was on site for animal health check and found that they were in good condition. But the animals were confiscated because they were part of an illegal circuit. Because of the large amount and since they in the wild would not survive, no shelter for the birds to be found. Ultimately, the 82,000 parrots slain by gasification and immediately incinerated.

Animal organizations are not talking about the solution and find the destruction of parakeets unacceptable. Wendy Demuyl of the animal rights organization Gaia is the testimony of an absolute lack of humanity. "When I heard the message, I was sick," she explains "We immediately complained and want to give a signal against such practices." Experts oppose the protests of animal organizations. "Gasification is the most appropriate method to destroy animals. Even if there are survivors, during the incineration that are no longer than half a minute, "according to one expert.

The 39-year-old illegal animal trader J.-PD was arrested for forgery of documents and remains in the cell.

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