'Lost tribe' discovered in Amazon

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Anthropologists have recently "lost tribe found in Amazonian Peru. The tribe consists of one hundred and fifty people and has probably never had contact with the outside world.

Direct contact has also taken place and that time is probably a good thing. "Lost tribes" to do well from the fairway of the "modern man" to continue. Because they are very susceptible to any germs that intruders with her wear.

The researchers have to do with the remains of a settlement where the strain has recently resided. That remains, however, offer a wealth of information for anthropologists on the lifestyle of the 'lost tribe'.

All if not unique finds. All over the world is estimated that one hundred tribes living in voluntary isolation. However, they are increasingly threatened by encroaching civilization and its devastating side effects. The Amazon is much sought commodities ranging from oil to gold and timber. This is usually accompanied by major ecological damage to the habitat of the indigenous tribes.

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