Stages of self-awareness

October 5, 2009

To achieve Awareness is important to understand the process. It helps your already experienced life events to recognize this and know where you go. This process includes several stages. Here they are named. It is a broad and simple view, it is certainly not absolved because everyone has his own path. You can also click to read how you can recognize these stages in your daily life, your relationships with others and in your personal experience.

The phases of awareness as broadly divided:

1. Many ego, emotions have not developed under Awareness

2. Ego and sense experience, little conscious, subconscious His

3. Coherence between the ego and subconscious being, create awareness

4. Awareness of the ego, his contact with the subconscious

5. This is the turning point, much Awareness and ego has little influence, back to the Self

6. Internalisation of the Awareness, awareness of the ego, contact with the Self, conscious contact
with others

7. From fully aware his life, unconditional love and connect it with others,
other energies experienced life's work followed

8. Higher Awareness, the deep knowledge about the creation occurs, divine experiences, stronger
connection to the cosmos, the collective experience Awareness

9. Higher State of Awareness, fusing energies, the cosmos with a complete, other
Dimension experienced

10. Nothing, absolute zero, His, no time no space, the black hole, a transition to
next dimension and back again in 1 start.

In this process, see you again the opposing movements between plus and minus Life is a school, we are as it were reviewed at the next class to go to another dimension. The whole life and all creation exist in processes of development and growth. Growth can only occur when a resistance is overcome.

Introspection is an important aspect to grow:

• What are my intentions, what are my true intentions?

• What emotions I experience, I get this energy?

• In what need I feel frustrated when I experience negative emotions?

• Why do I make certain choices, it is 100%?

• What is my reaction to setbacks and why I act so?

• How to behave myself in contact with the other?

• Is my behavior or is it purely from an underlying self-interest?

• How does the other on me, what is the reaction of the other with me?

• Do I have to force myself to stay with me or just me and why?

• How to develop that strength? Where to get strength and energy?

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