Pamela Ivey won $1 million in the Mega Millions Lotto after a store clerk accidentally added the game's multiplier feature to her ticket, which quadruples the amount the player can win.

Ivey, who bought the ticket in Georgetown, Ky., didn't ask for the "Megaplier," which doubled the price of her ticket from $5 to $10, but she took it anyway, WLKY-TV reports.

"I glanced at her name tag and it said Susan and I thought, 'Oh Susan, don't do that to me,'" Ivey said.

The usual winnings for the second-level prize Ivey won is $250,000. But the Megaplier left her with $690,000, after taxes.

"I dropped to my knees and praised God" when she checked her ticket two days after the winning numbers were announced, she said.

Ivey told WLWT-TV that she will use the money for her son's college tuition and to pay off some bills, while donating some to her church.

A Washington state retiree won $190 million of the $380 million pot. So far, the other mega-winner, who is somewhere in Idaho, has not yet claimed the prize.