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Thread: Idaho woman claims $190M Mega Millions prize

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    Idaho woman claims $190M Mega Millions prize

    32 mins ago

    BOISE, Idaho – A northern Idaho woman has claimed the remaining half of a $380 million Mega Millions jackpot, Idaho Lottery officials said Wednesday.

    Holly Lahti will split the second-largest lottery jackpot in history with Jim and Carolyn McCullar of Ephrata, Wash., officials said.

    Jim, 68, and Carolyn, 63, McCullar appeared at a news conference last Thursday to announce they'd won half the jackpot, or $190 million.

    Lahti wasn't on hand for Wednesday's announcement, and her age and hometown were not released.

    "She's requested that the media respect her privacy and not attempt to contact her until she's prepared to speak to you," Lottery Director Jeff Anderson said at a news conference.

    He referred to Lahti as a "delightful young lady" and said he tried to persuade her to go public because there are "a lot of curious people out there." But he said she has a lot to get in order first.

    "We expect she'll be coming forward shortly," Anderson said.

    Although Mega Millions is played in 41 states and Washington, D.C., the two winning tickets were purchased in cities just 125 miles apart in the Inland Northwest. Post Falls has about 26,000 people; while Ephrata, to the west, has about 7,500.

    The drawing was held Jan. 4, and residents began buzzing when they found out one of the winning tickets was sold in Post Falls, a suburban community of housing developments, big box stores and fast-food restaurants.

    "Once people hear this, Ady's Convenience & Car Wash is going to become the luckiest place in northern Idaho," Anderson said of the store where Lahti bought her ticket.

    In a perfect world, our dreams will be fulfilled. There would be no hard work or planning ahead, because everything you want would be given to you. In the real world, where we all live, rewards must be earned. The problem most people have is in the day-to-day details of accomplishment. Accomplishment takes a lot of time, sacrifice and effort, and that’s the real rub for a lot of people. But, as Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

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    Re: Idaho woman claims $190M Mega Millions prize

    Wow, that one couple will not have very long to enjoy that money...I bet they took a lump sum exactly for this reason.

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    Re: Idaho woman claims $190M Mega Millions prize

    what a lucky punk lol, I want my share of that money wth haha

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