Sea ice at the level of 30 years Friday, February 27, 2009

In the mainstream media, we can almost daily "Gloom and doom" stories about melting ice, rising water and polar bears sad minded. The latest UN report "State of Polar Research makes us afraid of drastic melting of the two poles and warns dramatic weather changes.

By the messages are there, but get in your morning newspaper zero attention, even though they are often more substantive response. According an article on Daily Tech, there is no difference between the global sea-ice level at the end of 1979 (the year satellite observations began) and that of the end of 2008. Although a large part of 2008 were on the low side, led a record-breaking growth spurt in the last months of 2008 for a full recovery.

The data are from the University of Illinois's Arctic Climate Research Center, based on satellite observations of both the North and the Antarctic.

According to the Daily Tech article responds sea ice much more quickly to changes in temperature and precipitation than land, making it a very useful barometer of changing conditions. With this kind of articles are once again clear that the whole global warming phenomenon is little more than a stupid religion.

Source: notification