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Thread: pegasus living moon

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Oh, Jan reminds me to tell you that my Grandmother died in the very same hospital in December of 1948? Not sure about the year but the fact that she would die in the same hospital where I was born always struck me as being very odd, considering that Mary Bliss Townsend Brown had spent most of her life in Zanesville Ohio.

    Who else but me ( and Jan) would know that?

    Having a good researcher and biographer around is wonderful.

    Well....... most of the time <g>

    Last edited by Linda Brown; November 14th, 2012 at 01:19 PM. Reason: correction

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikado View Post
    The martini glass reference came from Linda's group? Provide proof.
    I will look it up... but yeah someone sent us a link to that. As we were not checking out your site unless someone posted a link that they felt we should take a look at. And silly, that 'martini' glass is a moot point what is more important is that Linda's crew alluded to YOU being into that RV stuff and THAT one will be easier to find. I promise I will go through all the stuff we saved and find it

    You voted to keep me around?
    yes I did and so did my dad...

    You are the one who sent me (PMed) the supposed "agreement" to look out which I never received and which your Father "publicly" mentioned on the eve of my termination that it was apparent that I was not accepting it. I replied "what agreement?".
    Then you must have an issue with your mail, like you did when you registered at the forum with a misspelled email addy and then posted on your forum that we were up to something LOL In your favor you did apologize for that error when it was discovered. Forum software is automatic so the only way that registration email was wrong spelling is if the member spelled it wrong on registration.

    And after you said you didn't receive it it was resent several times and by PM Since you did know the content (because you didn't like some of the conditions) and told us so... you MUST have read it

    The point was we offered you a chance to stay, but you wasted no time in telling the world, giving Linda the opportunity to use it. Its sad really, but we KNEW you would blurt it out... it was in fact the test. IF you were sincere you would have been quiet and accepted the offer... There were several members that felt you had something of value to add to the EG information

    So you have only yourself to blame

    After that, he said that I publicly put it out there and it was off the table. Your not perfect and he is not either. I have no quarrel with your Father but then I might perhaps with you.
    Well you did, just look at Linda's forum... she wasted no time in using the fact that you were offered a deal against us. I find it really fascinating that the Cosmic Token has TWO thread dealing with Pegasus and now this one here thanks to Hobbit... Seems like this thread has already got a million views.... WOW nice promotion

    Apparently you did go to the Hut for you lifted the avatar and posted it.
    No actually... it was one of our other staff that got it.

    I have explained where the source of the nickname Mikado came from. Your insistence in posting references to a Gilbert and Sullivan play to defame me is very humorous but it demeans the man that gave me that moniker.
    Actually the Play references are directed more at Linda's "Mikado Effect" You really ought to read those posts she made in the Drama Zone at PRC. As to your use of Mikado and that face you had as an avatar before really touched off Linda and she warned my dad about you long before you showed up. Then it was a game of "Don't let him in" "uh well okay let him in I promise to be good" Yeah we saw were that went

    When someone has to attack someone and twist their name in an attempt to ridicule then they are out of ammunition (read here intelligence) to launch an intelligent attack. Of course Linda's group is just as guilty of such (hobbit, littleenki, fruitbat) and you have joined with them.
    Not true... we actually have nothing against you... You were actually silent since that time... Dad even posted that last email from you requesting a return or at least an end to the IP block for your lady into mod chat. The consensus was it was still to risky to let you back... and your posts here show that they were right

    littleenki, fruitbat arc and rose have said NOTHING bad about you since you left. In fact littleenki and fruitbat petitioned to allow you to stay IF you could stick to the EG stuff and leave your personal vendetta behind. Fruitbat even went so far as to offer gold to let you all back in... then he saw the thread at Cosmic

    How does it feel to be a part of Linda's group?
    Silly person... LOL Maybe you are in fact just another pen name of Linda's after all in her "Cast of Characters" from that book "The Goodbye Man". Many are beginning to suspect that its all a work of fiction... After all Elizabeth Helen Drake is all we see on any email from Linda and that was the name she registered with in 2007 at our Yahoo Group and lurked all these years. Then we have "rose" another writer who also has several aliases.

    So who is really who in all this drama? Dang if I know.

    And even President Obama had to show his birth certificate and look how long THAT took. You would think the CIA could have whipped him up a set in a few minutes like they do for any other spook. There are still many people who don't buy that Obama is born in the USA

    Well heck this IS a conspiracy site after all
    Last edited by Exterminator; November 14th, 2012 at 03:18 PM.

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post
    Not sure about the year...
    You don't recall the year your grandmother died without having a good researcher remind you? Jan as in aka "rose by any other name"?

    Curious that... but hey i guess even my dad forgets some things...

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikado View Post
    As to "egos", they are a nuisance...<g>.
    Odd you use the same <g> that Linda does Birds of a feather? Or just different 'personas' in prose?

    And as one last statement:
    Linda Brown is WHO SHE STATES SHE IS.
    Okay so you saw a drivers license... rose points us to the picture in Paul's book. Seems we will need some independent proof here to settle it

    But in light of it all, I am no one and my word wouldn't purchase a cup of coffee at the local HoJo's.
    There is that yes... considering you are attached at her hip. If you two really are two people, you should get married... because it seems you cannot exist without the other

    But cheer up... now you both have a new stage to perform on... I mean a million views is not to shabby... to bad we can't cash in on the ticket sales though :P

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by hobbit View Post
    I had them as Mr and Mrs Smith in a split second.
    Lovers tiff?
    Well Hobby there may be hope for you yet

    It sure seems like it if you read the posts between them all over the internet. Seems they just go from room to room, one minute cute and cuddly the next back at each other's throats... Almost like a good old fashioned American soap opera

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikado View Post
    Well Exterminator, you stated above - "gotta love it when those who really seek the truth take the time to come ask". Is that what you did to me on the Pegasus back in July? One of the "things" you did was to accuse me of being an RVer for the CIA only because of my Avatar. In fact, it was more stated as a fact, remember?
    Nope please point me to where I accused you of being a CIA RVer... Surely you saved such an accusation? If not our files are open so I am sure you can find it, yes?

    I told you that if you would have asked before coming to a wrongful conclusion you would have been told what it was.
    That would be like asking a bank robber leaving the scene with a bag of money behind his back if he saw who did it

    So, do you really wish to seek truth? Truth can only be had when one asks a question to the universe and you ...sweetheart...from past experience, are quick to be judgemental.
    Who's judging? It's easier to let the players sink their own submarines

    My opinion only
    Ah so you don't actually have any facts that show I accused you of anything... just your opinion. Interesting

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    =Mikado;98423 I have only offered something to end this confrontation.

    It it is what it is - providing credentials. Like it or not, you seem to not understand that the name of Townsend Brown is in the public domain. You are claiming to be his daughter and if someone wants proof, that is referred to as providing the necessary credentials.
    There ya go At least you get it. No meeting needed with her enterage of spooks especially after that tricky Fox openly threatened my dad on her forum with being physically stopped

    But mikado, looking through the old posts to find what you asked for I spotted this...

    Seems you too were not to sure about "Linda"... and this was in regards to Paul's book

    author=Mikado link=topic=1945.msg21103#msg21103 date=1340596137
    It should be noted that :

    "Did you vouch for Morgan and O'Reily?" is not acceptable in a due-diligence situation since Linda, posing as Elizabeth Helen Drake was instrumental in the writing. It needs to be a third party that has no bearing on the book, profits from the book etc.

    So according to that, Elizabeth Helen Drake was involved in writing that book that "Linda" wants us to look at as proof of that family picture

    Curiouser and curiouser said Alice.

    But your right... this needs to be verified by a third party outside source
    Last edited by Exterminator; November 14th, 2012 at 10:26 PM.

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Ah here is more...

    David Jones

    Linda Brown, I did not have access to this part of the forum for a day or so, and I have taken the time to read the ‘due diligence’. To quote you from earlier in this forum thread (#150) you said –
    “When someone questions your own credibility I think that it is only right to know who they are and why they are doing that. Don't you?”
    Where in the due diligence was your credibility questioned?

    In the same post in response to my question about vouching for Morgan and O'Reily, you stated –

    “Absolutely and still do! Wholeheartedly”
    You were the research assistant and vouched for these two individuals to the author, and yet in a post (#176) you said -

    “Mikado says.....somehow....Twigsnapper and Morgan supplied Paul with inaccurate information.

    My only response to that is...." Too bad! Paul should have done a proper job.... He should have done the rewrite. He should have been the professional writer that he presented to me before I signed that contract.”
    You imply with the phrase ‘too bad’ that you accept the information was inaccurate – information provided by two individuals you vouched for.

    You have also said that the author was not intended to include the 'story' of these two individuals in the book - why then was he provided the information?

    I am looking at this cold and do not understand your objection to people researching the information contained within the authorized biography of your father. Any information that can be verified by facts and corrects previously incorrect information has to be of benefit for researchers that are to come.

    Seems I missed that one before

    author=Linda Brown link=topic=1945.msg21843#msg21843 date=1340834626]
    When Mikado decided that it was important to do this due diligence.... ( so that he could show that Paul had gotten untrustworthy information.... and by his logic which he has expressed many times.... if Paul was wrong there then how much MORE of the book is bunk?
    So Mikado, it seems while you were on our forum, you too seemed to be suspicious of the facts long before we ever thought something was fishy. I guess I will have to see if i can find a used copy somewhere because I sure don't want to shell out $69.00 for it Especially if it is likely mostly unverifiable fiction
    Last edited by Exterminator; November 14th, 2012 at 09:47 PM.

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    This reply is most interesting...

    Seems there really is a big game afoot here

    author=Linda Brown link=topic=1945.msg22301#msg22301 date=1340978403]
    David Jones,

    This is a direct invitation to you. Perhaps you would have enough interest in all of this to help me out a little.

    I have decided that I need to look carefully at Paul Shatzkins book " The Parallel Universe of T Townsend Brown...." On a chapter to chapter review.... and wondered if you would like to join me on this wander through what was actually written. I think with your interest you might be able to see other questions that need to be asked that I might overlook.

    I hope that you have already found the thread that I established. I have only covered the first ... I think... eight chapters.... and this might give us a chance to talk about that " due diligence " that you were concerned about.... By being on the inside of Pauls book looking out..... instead of outside looking in!

    So if you have the energy for it I invite you to join me there. This could be a lot of fun and your viewpoint would be greatly appreciated.

    So you were part of writing that book under Elizabeth Drake and now you need to go over it to see what was written?

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Exterminator... when you said

    "Silly person... LOL Maybe you are in fact just another pen name of Linda's after all in her "Cast of Characters" from that book "The Goodbye Man". Many are beginning to suspect that its all a work of fiction... After all Elizabeth Helen Drake is all we see on any email from Linda and that was the name she registered with in 2007 at our Yahoo Group and lurked all these years. Then we have "rose" another writer who also has several aliases.So who is really who in all this drama? Dang if I know.

    If you don't know anything.... why is it so important for you to express such negative opinions toward me? Have I ever done anything that even remotely deserved this kind of attention from you? Or do I have to come to the conclusion that you are just following orders here?

    You have never read my book.... yet you are telling people that " other people" think poorly of it? I would at least read a book for myself before I let others make my mind up for me. And I take offense to what you have said.... but I will get over it.

    I am still waiting for that apology from you by the way. I haven't forgotten. But apparently its easy for you.....

    And the snide remark about my Grandmothers death date. She died in California. I was three and living in a canyon in Hawaii. Her death, whenever it was.... did not make an impression on me. Deal with it.


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